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Hutlet Family Farm is a small, family-run farm practicing natural and holistic farming methods, located one hour west of Winnipeg, Manitoba.  We moved back to our roots, in rural Manitoba, to raise a family in the wide-open spaces we both grew up in.  In the spring of 2012 we purchased the home acreage Jean-Paul grew up on, from his parents, and with the help of many, have turned this beautiful hobby farm into a thriving meat-producing farm, based on holistic and regenerative principles, and feeding many local families.  Our quarter section is also a natural sanctuary for various marsh birds and animals.  Our mission has two parts: to continue to provide local families with some of the healthiest meat in Manitoba, raised in a natural and holistic way, and to bring families and school groups to our home to experience farm life and the natural beauty provided by our 40 acre lake.  We are both certified in Holistic Management and its practices are integrated into our farming and environmental awareness culture.  



Just like our great-grandparents, we use no steroids, growth hormones or unnecessary antibiotics in the raising of our animals.  We also feed our animals spray-free and certified organic feed when possible (although our farm is NOT certified organic) and minimize our animals' exposure to chemicals.  We do not allow any synthetic chemical sprays used on our property and actively seek ways to holistically manage "weeds" if the need arises.  Our Heritage-breed sheep and cattle are exclusively grassfed and our Heritage-breed pigs live out exclusively out on the pasture - they are fed a supplement of non-GMO grains and veggies, and although they have access to loose-housing, never see the inside of a barn.  Our meat chickens live outside on the grass once they are past the brooder phase.  They are moved to fresh grass each and every day in their chicken tractors so they can enjoy fresh grass and insects and scratch in the dirt.  It is very important to us that our customers know were their food is coming from, so at least once a year we welcome our customers to come for an educational farm tour, here, at our home.  We believe that no matter a person's postal code, they should know how the food they consume was grown or raised.   



We also have a passion to raise our family with the lessons and traditions valued by our hard-working parents, grandparents and pioneering ancestors.  We take pride in our heritage and enjoy raising a variety of heritage-breed animals that can often better suited to the land and climate than their commercial-breed counterparts.  Our holistic approach makes the land better suited for future generations of cattle and sheep to graze on it as well.  And, we serve families because we farm as a family.  Jean-Paul and I each have different careers that suit us but it is in farming that we are forming the bonds that tie our growing, young family together. 



Jean-Paul and I want to raise children that appreciate the natural environment around them and who grow up in a world where other children do too.  We hope we are raising the environmental policy-makers and protectors of tomorrow.  While our quarter section is not an official wild life sanctuary we do our very best to provide a restful haven for marsh birds and animals and those animals on migratory paths.  When doing farm tours we hope to stress this side of nature awareness more in the future. 



In 2015 we started doing farm gate sales.  In July, 2017, we started attending farmers markets in Winnipeg.  As of October, 2017 we are offering monthly deliveries of our farm products, including monthly parcels of pork through our CSA Pork Share Program.  These we deliver to central drop-off locations within Winnipeg - we are open to doing deliveries to Brandon as well, as interest grows.  We truly enjoy these drop-offs as they give us a chance to get to know our customers and our customers the chance to get to know their farmers.  Our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a program that benefits both our valued community-supporting customers, and us, as we work together to build food-sovereignty within our local communities.  We are also proud members of The Local Frequency, a program which strives to keep local dollars spent at locally-owned and operated businesses.   


Thank you for taking the time to learn about the Hutlet family behind Hutlet Family Farm!


- Miranda Hutlet

Hutlet Family Farm


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